Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Full Text search in Silverlight 4 using WCF RIA service and Entity Framework

Check here how to create SQL SERVER – 2008 Full Text Catalog and using Full Text Search.

Get started of WCF RIA and Entity Framework here

In this sample I will use the tools below:
1.Visual Studio 2010
2. Microsoft Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010
3. AdventureWorks 2008R2 RTM sample database

Create Entity Framework domain model (.edmx):

 Generate model from database:
 Select Employee table:

Create domain service class selecting Employee entity:

Now open the domain service class write FullTextSearchEmployee method:
Now build project.
Now in Silverlight application open the page in design view and open DataSource tab.

Drag the Employee into the page:

Page will be generated like above.
Try it now!
This is the magic of VS2010 , WCF RIA service v1 with Entity Framework and MSSQL server 2008 full text search in Silverlight 4.0

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  1. Hi Amyo,
    I really like the post, it is simply great...but i was wondering if is this possible if we are using a WCF service instead of a WCF RIA service??

    thankx many