Friday, June 4, 2010

Silverlight 4 minor update–June 2010

Check here for detail update:

Developer may having problem like below:

In Visual Studion 2010 you may get message 'This page requires a more recent version of Silverlight'

This happened because new Silverlight 4 runtime automatically updated but developer runtime is not updated accordingly.

Solution for the Developer:
*updated developer runtime here: Windows developer runtime or Mac developer runtime. and restart the Visual Studion
*Change the tag to increment the minRuntimeVersion attribute to the appropriate version (4.0.50524.0). 
* If you are using the pulgin down link to specific version then change it



  1. Yes, it was that notification which pretty much compelled me to update my silverlight. It was starting to become a nuisance when running VS.

  2. I like the blog for letting me know about the minor updates about Silverlight. Thanks!!